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Lexaria’s DehydraTECH Formulation Delivers 475% More CBD May 15, 2019 · - The DehydraTECH formulation delivered measurable quantities of cannabidiol ("CBD") into blood in as little as 2 minutes; - Lexaria's technology delivered more CBD to bloodstream in 15 minutes than conventional medium chain triglyceride ("MCT") oil based control formulation achieved in 60 minutes; - The area under the curve ("AUC") for Lexaria's patented DehydraTECH formulation was 389% … Lexaria CanPharm Corp. Research | Medical Cannabinoids Following this study, a series of independent, well designed, well controlled human focus studies were undertaken corroborating Lexaria’s in vitro performance findings. A study in healthy volunteers (n=6) suggested as much as a 5-10X increase in CBD absorption, which was assessed indirectly through measurement of the increase in salivary nitric oxide as a directly proportional surrogate Title Finally! The mental and physical boost you’ve been looking for…. Say “goodbye” to brain fog, fatigue and stress… and revitalize your mind and body with the world’s first-ever American Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and high-absorption Hemp Oil supplement, TurboCBD™.

Cannadips is an innovative Lifestyle Cannabis/CBD company based in Arcata, Ca. Lexaria Bioscience Corp. and Cannadips CBD Announce Definitive is an advanced financial information center and next-generation communication platform that connects self-directed investors with startup and small cap companies, market experts, and professional service providers and vendors. This JV will test and develop cannabinoid formulations based on NeutriSci’s proprietary sublingual pterostilbene zero-sugar tablet formula and form factor; combining Lexaria’s patented technology which improves the bioavailability and taste… LXRP is a food bioscience company based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, that is a technology disruptor for edible CBD.

“This combination of superior science from Lexaria and a unique and strong branded proposition that Cannadips offers with its CBD pouch platform is a winning combination We are excited to be developing a category of products with best in…

Cannadips is an innovative Lifestyle Cannabis/CBD company based in Arcata, Ca. Lexaria Bioscience Corp. and Cannadips CBD Announce Definitive 

ChrgD+: Lexaria CBD-Infused Hemp Oil Drink Packet Technology About Lexaria ChrgD+ There are times when the body feels drained and tired without care as to the time or hour of the day. Lexaria ChrgD+ is created for moments such like that to charge you up wherever you may be and help you carry on with your day without any hang downs. The CBD […] About Lexaria Hemp Technologies - Lexaria Bioscience Corp. Lexaria’s ground-breaking 2018 human clinical study investigated delivery of CBD to human volunteers under a medical university setting. At the 30-minute mark, Lexaria’s technology delivered 317% more CBD to blood than the non-technologically enhanced generic CBD. Lexaria Bioscience Enters CBD License Agreement with Jul 11, 2019 · The DehydraTECH-enabled food ingredients are protected under Lexaria’s many existing US-granted patents and may include forms such as CBD-infused wheat or … Lexaria Announces Human Clinical Study on CBD Absorption